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Education and Non-profits are unique entities with their own particular quirks and requirements. Carbon Law Group founder Pankaj Raval has headed a national student consulting group, helped build an award-winning charter school from its inception, and successfully guided clients along the path to securing 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.


Non-profit Filing + Tax Exemption

Is non-profit filing worthwhile? Do the benefits of tax exemptions and built-in financial and liability protections for founders and employees justify the time and legal cost involved in formation?

Carbon Law Group will evaluate your situation and proposed non-profit filing. Carbon Law Group will help you determine if registering your business as a non-profit organization is the most efficient use of your time and resources.  If you choose to pursue a non-profit filing, Carbon Law Group will help you establish the proper entity structure, craft the necessary documents, and file them with the appropriate state and federal agencies.  Once your non-profit status is granted, we will instruct you on how to take full advantage of your tax-exempted status and how to maximize your organization’s income potential.

Charter Schools

Charter schools operate independently from the public school system within the district in which they are located.  Thus, charter schools may be entitled to a share of public funds.  Additionally, when charter schools are founded with the proper non-profit status, they can solicit charitable donations and other funds available to businesses that operate under tax-exempt status.

Carbon Law Group founder Pankaj Raval served on El Pueblo Integral Charter School’s board in Tucson, Arizona.  Pankaj understands charter schools’ the inner-workings, and the steps necessary to launch a successful non-profit organization. Along with Carbon Law Group, Pankaj can help you evaluate your proposed project and guide you through the steps to bring your charter school to life.

Employment Issues

Many non-profit entities are charitable organizations dedicated to bettering the lives of the poor and disabled. Part of an organization’s charter may mandate the hiring of disabled individuals.  For example, Goodwill is dedicated to hiring needy and disabled persons.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates numerous accommodations that you are required to make for disabled employees, as well as the potential risks involved. Carbon Law Group will help you understand and comply with ADA laws and regulations.  If you have any ADA issues, we will be there to help you address employee complaints and lawsuits.  We will do our best to resolve complaints and suits amicably, which will help you avoid lengthy and costly litigation.


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