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Carbon Law Group‘s Health Care & Wellness practice focuses on serving and protecting health industry professionals.

CLG advises physicians, management service organizations, telehealth startups, and a variety of related parties. With direct connections to this industry, our lawyers understand the nuances and pain points such professionals face in building and growing a practice or company.

LIST OF SERVICES (Health Care and Wellness)

Corporate Structuring ( Health Care and Wellness)

There are numerous additional laws that apply to professionals starting. Ensuring you are compliant with state and local laws is the first key to building a successful business. We help physicians navigate ownership questions, employment issues, and governance matters.

Management Services Organizations

A common challenge many smaller healthcare groups face is managing their practice. Human resources issues, payroll, and employee benefit plans add to the already stressful job of treating patients. Management Services Organizations (MSOs) were created to help physicians with administrative, or non-medical, activities required in the operation of a practice. MSOs often help with the following:

  • Operational issues
  • Financial management
  • Human resources and personnel management
  • Staff education and training
  • Coding, billing, and collection services
  • Providing and managing office space
  • Discounts and provision of EHRs and medical equipment
  • Regulatory compliance oversight and management
  • Credentialing and contract management
  • Savings with group purchasing
  • Risk management

Telehealth Startups

Telehealth is a booming healthcare industry with more and more healthcare entrepreneurs pursuing creative ways to leverage technology to make health services more affordable and accessible. However, the law has not necessarily kept up with this new way of providing health services. Telehealth providers have to navigate a variety of laws related to:

  • The corporate practice of medicine and fee-splitting
  • Prescribing drugs via online services
  • Determine what type of examination meets the necessary insurance requirements
  • Deciding on the right business model to render services in several states

Human Resources and Workplace Investigations

Employers have a duty to take all necessary steps in preventing and investigating workplace misconduct such as discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. When allegations of misconduct surface, employers are legally required to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the allegations. A failure to follow state and federal guidelines regarding workplace misconduct allegations can result in substantial liability for companies and possibly their owners.

CLG can assist clients with taking swift, professional, and diligent action when allegations of misconduct arise. We can help determine the best initial strategy to limit any immediate fall-out and then structure an investigation into the allegations that limit the damage to a company while ensuring all legal rights are respected.

Our investigation involves all the necessary stakeholders to make an informed assessment of the matter. Through our diligent analysis and investigation, we get to the truth of the matter. We take our findings and create a comprehensive report that can be used to address the issue at hand, but also serve as a springboard for implementing better policies for the company going forward, saving the company and its owners tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in future legal fees.

We assist companies with investigations related to sexual harassment, embezzlement, theft, retaliation, misconduct, policies and procedures compliance, bias, discrimination, and more.

📚 Unleash the Power of Your Employee Handbook! 📚

We understand the crucial role that an updated Employee Handbook plays in shaping the culture and standards of your workplace. Your Employee Handbook isn’t just a stack of papers—it’s the heart of your corporate identity, fostering clarity, consistency, and fairness in your organization.

Your Employee Handbook is a roadmap that guides employees through their journey in your organization, spelling out everything from dress code to disciplinary procedures. Without it, you’re driving blind!

A well-structured, updated handbook reduces misunderstandings, aligns expectations, and protects both employees and the employer. Without it, you’re inviting chaos and legal challenges!

Your handbook is a dynamic document. With the fast-paced changes in employment law, updating it is not an option—it’s a necessity. Without it, you’re clinging to the past!

🔐 Let’s Secure Your Future Together! 🔐

In the legal labyrinth of employment law, we’re your reliable guide. Let Carbon Law Group help you craft, refine, and update an Employee Handbook that’s not just compliant but empowering. Step into the future of your organization confidently—with us on your side. Remember, your success is our mission!

Connect with us today—because when it comes to the law, it’s better to stay ahead than catch up!

Staying Up-to-Date_ Essential Changes to Employee Handbooks for 2023

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