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Carbon Law Group’s Health Care & Wellness practice focuses on serving and protecting health industry professionals. CLG advises physicians, management service organizations, telehealth startups, and a variety of related parties. Often with direct connections to the health care industry, our lawyers understand the nuances and pain points health care professionals face in building and growing a practice or company.


Corporate Structuring

There are numerous additional laws that apply to professionals starting. Ensuring your are compliant with state and local laws is the first key to building a successul health care business. We help physicans navigate ownership questions, emplyment issues, and governance matters.

Management Services Organizations

A common challenge many smaller medical groups face is managing their practice. Human resources issues, payroll, and employe benefit plans add to the already stressful job of treating patients. Management Services Organizations (MSOs) were created to help physicans with administratrive, or non-medical, activites required in the operation of a practice. MSOs often help with the following:

  • Operational issues
  • Financial management
  • Human resources and personnel management
  • Staff education and training
  • Coding, billing and collection services
  • Providing and managing office space
  • Discounts and provision of EHRs and medical equipment
  • Regulatory compliance oversight and management
  • Credentialing and contract management
  • Savings with group purchasing
  • Risk management

Telehealth Startups

Telehealth is a booming industry with more and more health care entreprenuers pursuing creative ways to leverage technology to make health services more affordable and accesible. However, the law has not necessarily kept up with this new way of providing health services. Telehealth providers have to navigate a variety of laws related to:

  • The corporate practice of medice and fee-splitting
  • Presrcribing drugs via online services
  • Determine what type of examination meets the necessary insurance requirements
  • Deciding on the right business model to render services in several states

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