Judy Yen
  • Hobbies: Painting, swimming, and hiking
  • Interest: Food, fashion, and art
  • Favorite Book: The Alchemist, Harry Potter
  • Favorite Artist: Gustav Klimt

Judy Yen

Judy Yen is an associate in Carbon Law Group’s Los Angeles office. She joined our firm in 2019 and her practice focuses on representing emerging companies in intellectual property and business transactional matters.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Judy is a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese. She has used her international legal experience, language, and bicultural skills to represent businesses and investors from the Greater China region in cross-border business expansion plans and execution in investing in the United States. Prior to joining Carbon Law Group, Judy worked for Paul Hastings LLP in their Shanghai office, where she gained valuable experience in international corporate law, including working on two IPO projects.

Judy is admitted to practice law in California. She graduated from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles in May 2019. In law school, Judy was a member of the Loyola Entertainment Law Review,  Fashion Law Clinic, Transactional Negotiation Team and Entertainment Moot Court. She received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Accounting from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Judy grew up in a family of artists and entrepreneurs who had fostered her passion for art and business. She is an avid foodie who loves to both explore cool restaurants and try new recipes at home. She also likes oil painting, swimming, and hiking.

我出生於台灣,18歲時來到美國洛杉磯的加州大學洛杉磯分校(UCLA)求學,並在三年後畢業及獲得政治及會計雙學位。 2019年我在美國洛杉磯的洛尤拉法學院獲得法律博士學位。同年通過加州律師資格考試,正式成為加州執業律師。

在攻讀法律博士學位期間,我當選為洛尤拉娛樂法律評論(Loyola Entertainment Law Review)法律刊物的一員,並還有幸加入學校的交易談判隊,參加模擬商業談判比賽。因為對於藝術時尚以及創意工作的濃厚興趣,我在法學院期間還參與了洛尤拉時尚法服務隊,免費提供法律援助給需要幫助的藝術家。另外,在法學院二年級時,我擔任了美國加州法庭法官the Honorable Richard Fruin的實習生。暑假期間,我在美國普衡律師事務所(Paul Hastings LLP)的上海辦事處工作,並在那裡獲得了國際公司法方面的寶貴經驗。