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From formation and foundational issues, to soliciting venture capital and issuing securities, to managing tax law and corporate law, and to intellectual property protection. With our experience, we can guide your company through a successful launch or expansion.

Startup Launch

We offer a range of legal services to support and protect our clients through every step of the process, from formation to intellectual property protection

Raise Capital

Empower Your Business with Legal Expertise for Successful Funding: Raise Capital with Assurance and Transparency

Contractor and Advisor Agreements

Build Strong Relationships and Protect Intellectual Property, Create and Execute Agreements that Define Relationships, Protect Confidential Information, and Potentially Grant Equity

Protect Your Work and Brand

Maximize Your Earnings. Specializing in Royalty Agreements, Copyright Registration, Trademark Registration, and General Artist Representation in the Entertainment and Fashion Industries

Expert law firm for small business growth and sustainability

Secure Your Financial Future with Professional Legal Advice. We're Here to Guide You Through Uncertain Times and Help You Make Informed Decisions

Pankaj S. Raval

Founder of Carbon Law
Driven by his desire to see his clients develop world-class businesses, Pankaj focuses on serving entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized companies. 

Judy Yen

Associate Attorney
She joined our firm in 2019 and her practice focuses on representing emerging companies in intellectual property and business transactional matters.
Monique I.​
Monique I.​
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"My experience with Carbon Law Group was great! I scheduled the initial consultation with Pankaj and he is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and willing to help with business needs. Highly recommend!"
Obaid Chaudhry​
Obaid Chaudhry​
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"I Used Carbon Law For My Business And They Were Wonderful. They Got The Job Done, And It Was Affordable. They Are Available To Answer Any Questions Along The Way As Well. Recommend For All Uses!"​

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