Operating a Business

Your business is up and running – and perhaps it is even THRIVING. Awesome! But as your business grows, new questions come to the fore every day. Many of which you have NO IDEA how to answer…

Corporate Changes & Fillings

Your operation’s expanding. You’re adding new partners. You’re expanding in new territory.

Each of these scenarios may require amendments to Articles of Incorporation, additional licenses, and perhaps new permits. And they all need to be filed with the appropriate state and city entities. It’s a lot to keep a handle on. And even the smallest error can have huge consequences in the future.

Not to worry. Carbon Law Group will make the necessary amendments, update licenses and identify the permits necessary to keep your business current with state and local regulations.

Employment Contracts

Whether you’re adding new partners or hiring additional staff, employment contracts are often the best way to protect the integrity of your business and ensure proper conduct for your employees or contractors.

But the legal intricacies of employment contracts can be difficult to navigate. Improperly structured agreements can leave your business open to serious liability – both legal and financial.

Carbon Law Group understands the need to reduce your legal risks and protect your business’s financial integrity. We can draft employment contracts tailor­made for your situation, which safeguard your business’s interests, assets, and intellectual property.


As your business grows, you may find you don’t have the capital necessary to expand your operation.

Since the “Great Recession” business loans (and financing in general) have become more complicated and difficult to secure than ever before.

Fortunately, Carbon Law Group can help. We can help you navigate both equity and debt financing through agreements such as: stock purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, promissory notes, convertible notes, even the new SAFE note, an ideal option for startups and expanding companies. Basically, we can help you understand the pros and cons of various financing instruments so you can select the method that serves both your short and long term interests – efficiently and affordably.

Perhaps you are an investor thinking of putting money into a business. There are several issues you need to think about before you pledge a single dime. Is the company solvent? Is their request for money in compliance with securities law? What type of voting rights are they offering you? Do you have any control over the managers? What do you receive in return for your investment?

Being an investor is a very serious undertaking. Investing is a risky business, with the potential for serious losses and even financial ruin. Anyone who claims otherwise is someone you should avoid doing business with. At Carbon Law Group we’re dedicated to protecting your investments. We’ll ask the questions that friends and family may be uncomfortable asking. We want to be certain investors know what they are getting into. And that Company founders or mangers understand their duties to investors.

What can we do for you

  • Corporate Changes and Filings
    • Corporate Amendments
    • Dissolution
    • Foreign Qualification
    • Corporate Name Change
    • Conversion
    • DBA / Fictitious Business Name
    • Partnership Agreements
    • Operating Agreements
    • Bylaws
    • Stock Purchase Agreements
    • Stock Plan
    • Stock Issues Agreements
    • Restricted Stock Agreement
    • Intellectual Property Transfer
    • Joint Venture
    • Strategic Alliance
    • Convertible Notes
    • Term Sheets
    • Promissory Notes
  • Real Estate
    • Real Estate Lease
    • Real Estate Deed Transfer
    • Other Real Estate Documents
  • Business Compliance
    • Annual Reports
    • Initial Reports
    • Corporate Minutes
    • Compliance Calendar
    • Registered Agent Services
    • Operating Agreements
    • Bylaws & Resolutions
  • Employment
    • Employment Agreements
    • Employment Application
    • Offer Letter
    • Background Check Consent Forms
    • Reference Check Forms
    • Drug/Alcohol Testing Forms
    • Employment Agreement
    • I­9 Form
    • Sexual Harassment Pamphlet
    • Employee Handbook
    • Arbitration Agreement
    • Non­Compete/Confidentiality/Non­disclosure
    • Independent Contractor Agreements
    • Work­for­hire
    • Wage and Hour Disputes
    • Unlawful Termination
  • Additional Business Services
    • Corporate Supplies
    • Certified Copies
    • Certificates of Good Standing
    • Work Visa
    • Legal Forms and Agreements
    • Franchise Disclosure Review PRO
    • Legal Document Review PRO
    • Website Terms & Conditions PRO
    • Business Legal Plan

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