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As a landlord, your commercial property represents a huge investment.  Your collective real estate holdings may even fund your entire livelihood.  Protecting your investment is imperative.  Similarly, if you are a tenant occupying a commercial real estate property, then you are operating our business that provides your income in that space.  Either as a landlord or as a tenant, you need to you’re your rights and how to enforce them.

Carbon Law Group works with both landlords and tenants in crafting mutually beneficial lease agreements, mediating commercial landlord and tenant disputes, refereeing security deposit issues, and other common landlord-tenant disagreements.  We understand the intricacies and subtleties of drafting Triple Net (NNN), Modified Gross (MG), and other forms of lease agreements unique to the commercial real estate business.

At Carbon Law Group, we also grasp the emotional weight of landlord-tenant disputes, which are often fraught with mistrust and acrimony.  We can calmly and smoothly guide such disagreements so that they turn into efficient and mutually agreeable resolutions.


Commercial lease agreements

Commercial real estate lease agreements pose unique opportunities and risks for all parties.  These agreements tether both tenants and landlords to significant obligations and require careful thought and thorough scrutiny.  A poorly worded or improperly constructed agreement can leave the landlord’s real property asset at risk, call the tenant’s rights into question, and render the agreement potentially unenforceable.

At Carbon Law Group, we will educate you about the lease options at your disposal.  We will help you determine what type of agreement best fits your situation, e.g. Triple Net (NNN), Modified Gross (MG), Modified Net (MN), or Full Service (Full Gross – FG).  Once you settle on your ideal option, we will draft a practical lease agreement for you that protects your financial assets and legal rights.  Finally, we’ll work to ensure that you understand your lease agreement’s details.  Our goal is a successful and financially rewarding transaction.

Commercial Tenant disputes

Even if a lease agreement appears ironclad, a dispute could arise between the landlord and tenant. For instance, a dispute could arise if a tenant fails to pay rent or CAM (Common Area Maintenance) fees.  Or, a tenant may attempt to reassign her lease, sell his business, or violate any number of the lease’s terms. And, in some cases, a tenant may close her business permanently and abandon the space, defaulting on the lease.

Conversely, a landlord could fail to fulfill his duties.  A landlord who does not adequately maintain the property could create hazards and liabilities that then drive potential customers away. Or, a landlord could mismanage the property in a way that restrains a tenant’s trade.

Regardless of the circumstances, Carbon Law Group can bring both parties to the bargaining table in pursuit of a mutually agreeable resolution.  If a tenant or landlord fails to meet his or her obligations, we will review the lease to see what remedies is available.

The Carbon Law Group’s approach is rehabilitative.  We do our best to mediate situations.  We address landlords’ and tenants’ needs and concerns.  Our primary goal is to satisfy both parties while seeking to avoid needless costly litigation.

Security Deposits

Security deposit refunds can create many issues.  For example, what should you do if a tenant vacates your property but leaves it in less than pristine condition, and then demands a full refund of his or her security deposit?  To what extent must you acquiesce to tenant demands?  Or, alternatively, what can you do if you vacate the landlord’s property after your lease ends in better shape than you found it, and the landlord refuses to return your security deposit?  What are your rights regarding your security deposit?  How much of your security deposit are you entitled to?

Carbon Law Group will review your lease and evaluate your situation.  We can determine what your rights are in a security deposit dispute.  When representing landlords, we will do our best to keep the funds that you are reasonably entitled to.  And, when representing tenants, we will work to help you reclaim the maximum amount you are legally entitled to receive.

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