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Retail and Personal Legal Services in Los Angeles

Retail and Personal Services are important. At some point, your growing business will need space to grow into. Finding the right space that meets your business’s unique requirements is critical. When you finally do find a space that fits your needs, you will have a lease agreement that could be anywhere from 5 to 150 pages. Leases agreements vary greatly; you do not want to risk hidden terms or ambiguous language creating issues for your business in the future.

Carbon Law Group is skilled in the art of pouring over dense lease agreements and translating those agreements into plain language. We can clarify your lease’s terms. We can explain what terms like triple net, CAM, and breakpoint mean. Or, we can help you negotiate your lease, and then ensure that you and your employees are well acquainted the duties and obligations created by your lease agreement.

Whether you are looking to rent space or manage a budding franchise, we can help you navigate complex legal hurdles and help your business succeed.

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