Corporate Structuring & Finance

Carbon Law Group aids entrepreneurs, small businesses, and growing companies to establish the stepping-stones for limitless potential for growth.

Carbon Law Group offers “Value Pricing” to our clients as a cost efficient alternative to the traditional hourly rate pricing. Value Pricing uses  transparent and flexible fee arrangements to give emerging companies alternative arrangements for their legal needs and to allow us to support our clients as they grow.

What can we do for you

  • Business Formation + Structure
    • LLC (Limited Liabilities Company)
    • Incorporation (S­Corp, C­Corp)
    • Nonprofit
    • Conduct Name Search for Selected Business Name
    • File Certificate of Incorporation (or Formation)
    • Draft Initial Board Consent + Resolutions
    • Draft Bylaws (or LLC Agreement)
    • Founders Agreement
    • Draft Promissory Notes to Document Founder Debt
    • Draft Stock Vesting Agreement 
    • Draft Stock Purchase Agreements or Interest Purchase Agreements
    • Draft Subscription Agreements
    • Draft Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements
    • Prepare Capitalization Table (“Cap Table”)
    • File Foreign Articles in California + Statement of Information (if registering in Delaware)
    • Obtain Business License in Los Angeles
    • Pitch Deck Review
    • Advise on Financing Options + Strategy
    • Draft and Assist with Negotiating Term Sheets for Investors
    • Draft SAFE Agreement
  • Tax, Licenses, and Permits
    • Federal Tax ID (EIN)
    • State Tax ID
    • 501(c)(3) Application
    • Business Licenses
    • Seller’s Permit
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