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In the United States, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, e-juice, and general vape products are gaining popularity because of their advertised health advantages over traditional smoking products.  The vaporizer (vape) industry is creating a new gold-rush.  The E-cigarette industry is expected to hit $10 billion in total sales in 2017 and $47 billion by 2025. This new market is moving quickly, causing the Federal government and state legislatures to write new laws.

The growth of this new market is creating many new opportunities for entrepreneurs, but not without challenging legal hurdles. The growth of this new industry has initiated lawsuits over matters such as false advertising, trademark infringement, and numerous contract disputes.

Carbon Law Group has helped clients ranging from single entrepreneurs to large vape conglomerates navigate the new and evolving legal landscape.  Whether you are an already established business or a new entrepreneur, we can help you:

  • select and form the right business entity formation for your vape business;
  • draft a partnership/founder/operating agreement for your vape business that defines the founders’ roles and allows for growth and change;
  • protect your company’s intellectual property with non-disclosure, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements;
  • register and protect your trademarks or copyrights to create a strong global brand;
  • respond to Merchant Services Account letters that require a law firm to verify your terms of service and privacy policy are in compliance with state and federal laws by drafting a Legal Compliance Verification Letter; and
  • raise funds for your venture.

If you are looking for guidance in this new and exciting industry, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment today. We have attorneys ready to help take your business to the next level.

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