Top 5 Trademark Tips for Every Business

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  1. Know the different trademark symbols and use them properly.
  • If a mark is not federally registered, use the “TM” or “SM” designation with the mark until it achieves registration.
  • Once a trademark registered, use the “®” designation next to it.
  • If you use the mark in a textual sentence, place it in all caps, surround it with quotations, and use the proper designation to the right of it. By doing this, everyone who sees it will know that you claim trademark rights and others should choose a different mark.
  1. Keep your trademarks up to date.
  • Many registrations end up being cancelled by the United States Patent and Trademark Office due to inaccurate information and not following the necessary requirements during application, registration and post-registration process. Before filing any paperwork at the Trademark Office, be certain that all information is accurate and current.
  1. Keep copies of all relevant information regarding your trademarks.
  • If your mark is ever challenged, it will be helpful to have evidence of use and records relating to the first use date for each of the associated goods/services.
  1. Protect your trademarks.
  • Eventually you may find yourself in a situation where competitors try to imitate your company’s name, the name of your product, or your company logo and branding. It is important you take action in these instances, which we can help you with.
  1. Consult a trademark attorney prior to use.
  • Consultation with a trademark attorney can prevent you from using a trademark that may already be in use, ensuring you are protected from
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