Parag L Amin

Parag L. Amin

Parag has saved and recovered millions of dollars for his clients. Parag has represented employees, small business owners, and public figures. He has been quoted in LA Weekly, LA Times, and Rolling Stone, and he has been named as a Rising Star by SuperLawyers for 2017 and 2018. The Rising Star award is given to less than 2.5% of attorneys who exhibit excellence in practice. However, despite the successes and the awards, Parag has never lost touch with the human component of what it means to be a lawyer…

Parag L. Amin (“Parag”) founded his law firm from a deep-seeded belief that entrepreneurship is the bedrock of the American dream. When Parag was younger his father, who had immigrated from India to the United States in search of a better life, invested his life’s savings in a business. His father did not have the guidance and help of experienced lawyers.

Like many business owners, he was trying to figure it out on his own. After investing his life savings, his father spent 80-to-90 hour weeks at that business trying to make it successful. After a little over two years of trying to make the business successful, and during a time when Parag rarely got to see his father, the state’s taxing authority came and told Parag’s father that he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpaid sales taxes.

Parag’s father said he had properly reported and paid his sales taxes so it would be impossible for him to owe hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpaid sales taxes from the last two years. He further explained that his sales were nowhere close to generating the kind of revenue required to owe hundreds of thousands of dollars of back-taxes.

What his father did not know was that when he bought the business and the entity that owned it (instead of forming a new entity to take over the business), he took over the previously undisclosed liabilities of the prior owner who had failed to pay his sales taxes. Parag’s father was then faced with the ultimatum of either closing the store or paying the back-taxes.

His father chose to close the store because it would have taken many years to pay off the back-taxes with the revenue that the store generated. So, to support his family, Parag’s father had to get a W-2 job and gave up on his American dream of entrepreneurship. Even though Parag was young when the experience occurred, the experience stayed with him. That experience is what drove Parag to become a lawyer – a determination to prevent others from having their family legacy destroyed or degraded by dishonesty or injustice in the business world.

As a litigator and trial attorney, Parag has successfully saved and recovered tens of millions of dollars for his clients. He has represented public figures, small business owners, individuals in a variety of matters. His work has led to quotes in publications such as the L.A. Times, L.A. Weekly, and Rolling Stone Magazine. He has been awarded the prestigious Rising Star designation by SuperLawyers for the years of 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

The Rising Star award is based on peer evaluations, which means it is based on ratings and recognition by fellow lawyers, and it is awarded to only 2.5% of attorneys who have exhibited excellence in practice.

Even with the awards, settlements, and successes inside and outside of the courtroom, Parag has never lost touch with the human component of what it means to be a lawyer. It is the ability to help others and give back that he finds most fulfilling.

Parag earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law, which he attended on a partial academic scholarship. Parag earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Maryland, College Park.

In addition to his legal qualifications, Parag has worked or interned in a variety of industries before becoming a lawyer, including management consulting, real estate investment, and financial advising. These experiences have given Parag an impressive and unique financial skillset that most attorneys do not possess. Parag applies that same financial approach to his clients’ businesses to take a wholistic view of solving his clients’ legal problems. He looks for solutions that incorporate the client’s goals, the financial implications of various legal strategies, and the strategy that maximizes the probability of success to help his clients achieve their goals.

Pankaj S Raval

Pankaj S. Raval

Driven by his desire to see his clients develop world-class businesses, Pankaj focuses on serving entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized companies. Industries served include technology, fashion, entertainment, cannabis, personal and retail services, health care, and real estate, in the for-profit and non-profit space.
Cristal Rosales

Cristal Rosales

Cristal Rosales is the Legal Administrator and Intellectual Property Paralegal at Carbon Law Group.
Lela Kelly

Lela Kelly

Lela Kelly joined Carbon Law Group in 2021.

Her practice primarily consists of technology and other related transactions, equity and/or debt financings, complex financial transactions, general corporate matters, commercial transactions, and privacy laws.
Bimal Raj Merchant

Bimal Raj Merchant

Bimal’s practice focuses on business and securities transactions, contracts, business entity formation, business succession planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, real estate and intellectual property.

Bimal provides General Counsel to companies in a wide variety of legal topics pertaining technology, healthcare, science, medical, real estate, web-based applications, cannabis, service-oriented business, engineering, retail, logistics, warehouse and consumer.

Reyco Albarico

Reyco joined Carbon Law Group in January 2023 as a Billing and Collections Specialist. Before joining the firm, his career was focused on Client Support and Debt Collections. He’s been in the finance industry for over 10 years.

Carolyn Solas

Carolyn joined Carbon Law Group in 2023 as an Administrative Assistant. Before joining the firm, her career focused on assisting clients in various industries, including finance, real estate, and the academe. She holds a degree in Mass Communications.

Rhima Delos Santos

Rhima has a degree in Accountancy and has worked as an Accountant, General Administrative Assistant, and Data Analyst in her previous jobs.

Ana Caren Zamora

Ana Zamora is the Intake Specialist at Carbon Law Group. She joined the team in 2023 and serves as one of the first contacts our clients have with us. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

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