Does your business involve the cultivation, distribution, transportation, research, or sale of marijuana? If so, the newly passed Measure M will have an impact on your business operations. Whether your business is a new venture or an existing marijuana business licensed under the now replaced Proposition D, you will need to make sure your business complies with the latest regulations that will unfold as the city takes on regulating the rapidly growing marijuana industry. This will be a difficult task because Measure M brings a level of uncertainty to the industry given how vague the proposition actually is. While it clearly lays out a new tax structure for marijuana companies, the actual business regulations are still to be determined. The proposition specifically gives the City Council and the Mayor the power to create a new regulatory framework AFTER citizen input, meaning that specific regulations will be developed and adopted over the course of time after a series of public hearings. No one can predict all the issues that will unfold in the market place, or what will be brought up in these hearings. Thus, it’s of the utmost importance that marijuana companies start off by ensuring their licenses and business activities are in line with current laws (majority are not) so that as these new regulations roll out over the course of the next year, getting the proper licenses and complying with the new laws will be a much easier process.


Compliance with upcoming regulations is especially important because the measure establishes serious civil penalties for violations. Penalties include fines, nuisance abatement, and even authorizing the Department of Water and Power to turn off the utilities of noncompliant businesses. Finding the right attorney to help you navigate through this period of evolving state and county regulations will ensure you are your business are taken care of.


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