Thoughts From Codex Futurelaw 2018

Thoughts from Codex FutureLaw 2018

I have the privilege of attending this year’s Codex conference on the future of law at Stanford Law School. Codex brings together some of the leading minds using technology to move the law into the 21st century.

As a lawyer and law firm owner, I have a front-row view of the pain points plaguing not only consumers of legal services but also lawyers. While the answers to these challenges are to be debated (and perhaps more so in an industry where “debating” is our hallmark), the problems are real and need to be addressed. Where 80% of people in our country are unable to access legal services, entrepreneurs will figure out how to meet this demand. It is up to lawyers and legal innovators to decide whether they are going to step up to meet this need, or if they are going to continue to seek cover behind our walled garden. Carbon Law Group is committed to expanding our services to serve as many people in need of business and intellectual property support as possible.

As a member of the movement to improve the practice of law by leveraging current and future technologies, we look forward to a future where working with a lawyer will fulfill a deeper need for our clients and facilitate their growth.

Let’s get to work.

Thoughts From Codex Futurelaw 2018

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