Every so often the question arises, “how much of a copyrighted work can I use? I heard if it was less than 30%, I am okay.” I am sure I am not the only attorney who has heard this and I am sure it makes us all cringe–if only the law was so simple. The […]

For too long the law has spoken over its users, caught up in promoting its own self-worth to the detriment of the general public. No one should sign an agreement they don’t understand due to its poor formatting and complex language.

At Carbon Law Group, we pride ourselves on building a team with a dynamic background ready to think creatively about problems. Our lawyers and staff have a background in graphic design, music production, and product development. This gives us a unique perspective on how design can be used as a tool to make our contracts more accessible and user-friendly.

I have seen simple design fixes such as shortening sentences or using a better font can make a world of difference in the lives of the users. Inspired by the work of leading design-thinking practitioners such as Matthew Butterick and his work on typography in the law as well as Margaret Hogan, Director of the Legal Design Lab and lecturer at the Stanford Institute of Design (the d.school), we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the legal experience for our clients and users of our work-product.

This effort will be on-going. But, recognizing a problem is the first step towards solving it.



Thank you for visiting the new and improved website for the Law Offices of Pankaj S. Raval. The site was just launched and we realize it has some kinks to be worked out. Please excuse our dust as we clean things up and turn it into the streamlined site that you deserve.

Until then, please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve the website or services. We are here for you.  Our main interest is to provide you with the best service possible.



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